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This page is a work in progress. I hope to continue to add more photos. If anyone has additonal information or photos they would be willing to share, please let me know.

Bertha (Bert) Bailen 1919-1998 & Alex Bailen 1911-1993
Married 1941

Ruth Pearson Beattie 1917-2010 & Butler (Bob) Beattie 1911-2003
Married 1940

Ruth Catherine Pearson Beattie 1917-2010

  • Photo Album (Updated 4/12/10) of the Johnson's, the Pearson's, & Ruth Beattie, prior to ~ 1940
    Quick "Who's Who":
    -- Ruth's parents were Francis (Frank) Johnson Pearson, Jr. (FF) & Ruth Elizabeth Florence Johnson Pearson (MM)
    -- they had 3 girls: Ruth Catherine, Frances (Fran) Mae, Faith Esther
    ----- FF Father, Frank, & his sister Catherine, children of:
    ----- FF Francis Johnson Pearson, Sr. & Mary (May) Angelina Marsh Pearson
    ----- FF (Frank and Mae later divorced.)
    ----- FF Frank, Sr. married a widow with a daughter.
    ----- FF May married George Barhyte (who Ruth disliked and saw little of)
    ----- MM Ruth's Mother, Ruth E. F. Johnson Pearson, parents were:
    ----- MM Powell (Paul) Norman Johnson & Emma Charlotte Anderson (Berquist) Johnson whose daughters were:
    ----- MM Esther (Peg) Sigrid Johnson & Ruth Elizabeth Florence Johnson
    ----- MM Prior to Paul & Emma's marriage to each other .....
    ----- MM Paul was widowed and had two children with his first wife: Luella & Norman Johnson
    ----- MM Emma was widowed and had a son with her first husband: John Berquist
    ----- MM Powell (Paul) died in his 30's in a steel mill accident, leaving Emma to raise 3 children.
    ----- MM Esther (Peg) grew up to marry Ed Keating who died young in a car accident.
    ----- MM Esther (Peg) later married Roy Isgrigg.

    Francis Butler (Bob) Beattie 1911-2003, W9OIB Lic. 1933

  • Photo Album (Updated 4/12/10) of the Butler's, the Beatties, & Bob Beattie, prior to ~ 1940
    Quick "Who's Who":
    -- Francis Butler (Bob) Beattie's parents were: Josephine Ada Butler Beattie (MM) & Charles Walter Beattie (FF)
    -- They had four boys: John Attridge, Francis Butler, Charles Walter, Frank Masters
    -- Bob dropped the Francis by high school because of confusion with younger brother Frank
    -- and because he didn't like being called "Francis is a sissy" (St. Francis of Assisi)
    ----- MM There are no photos of Ada's parents or siblings
    ----- MM Ada's parents were John A. Butler and Mary Frances McDermott of Washtington, DC.
    ----- MM Their children were John A. Butler, Mary Sabina Butler (Sabina), May Butler Sarah Butler (Sally)
    ----- MM ..... Rose Margaret Butler, Josephine Ada Butler & Francis DeSales Butler (Desales)
    ----- MM John A. Butler was the son of Abraham Butler and Sarah Catherine Attridge of Washington, DC.
    ----- MM Mary Frances McDermott was the daughter of John McDermott (a DC Carriage maker) and Jane S. Newton
    ----- FF Bob's father, Charles Walter's parents were:
    ----- FF Fountain Claiborne Beattie & Annie Elizabeth Hatheway Beattie
    ----- FF ..... Check with Cousin Celeste Beattie Aud on how we are related to Justin Timberlake through the Hatheways
    ----- FF Fountain and Annie had 12 children raised at Green Spring Farm
  • 1) Mary Pauline (Janie) - Kept house
  • 2) Claiborne Hathaway (Clay) - Civil Engineer m. Edna
  • 3) James Robert (Rob) - Railroad US Postal Worker m. M. Irene (Rena)
  • 4) Annabelle (died age 3)
  • 5) Lelia Dixon - Schoolteacher
  • 6) Mattie Elizabeth -
  • 7) Fountain Claiborne (Fount) - Electrical Enginner m. Naomi
  • 8)Charles Walter (Walter) - Civil Engineer m. J. Ada
  • 9) Annie Hathaway -
  • 10) Lillian Carline - Schoolteacher ?
  • 11) John Mosby (Mosby) - Railroad Porter m. Elsie
  • 12) Minter Jackson - Electrical Engineer m. Freda
  • ----- FF Fountain Claiborne, Sr. parents were Col. Robert Beattie & Pauline White Beattie (War of 1812)
    ----- FF Col. Robert Beattie's parents were Pvt. William and Mary Allison Beattie (Revolutionary War)
    This explaination is here, because there are pictures of Pvt. William Beattie & Col. Robert Beattie
    You got it right, not only Bob's grandparents but also his great grandfather and great great grandfather.

    Ruth & Butler (Bob) Beattie and family

  • Photo Album (Updated 4/12/10) of Ruth & Bob and their family, 1940-2004
  • Photo Album (Updated 4/12/10) of Catherine Beattie (Bitner) growing up, 1942-1960
  • Photo Album (Updated 4/12/10) of Cathy & LeRoy Bitner & their family & their families, 1960 -2000
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  • Photo Album (Updated 4/12/10) of Frank Pearson Beattie, 1948 and later
  • Photo Album (Updated 4/12/10) of Irene Beattie growing up 1956-1981
  • Add link to Irene & Ed family photos.
  • Photo Album (Updated 4/12/10) of the Pearson side of the family, after 1940
  • Photo Album (Updated 4/12/10) of the Beattie side of the family, after 1940

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