Flower Layering for Cards Instructions

This technique layers flowers between a sheet of wax paper (back) and a single ply of kleenex (front). This is saturated with a mixture of equal parts Elmer's Glue and water and is allowed to dry. After dry the edges can be cut or torn to desired shape and attached to a card front using spray photo adhesive.

Materials Required

  • Flat dried flowers and/or leaves
  • Wax paper, torn off in sections about as wide as the kleenex.
  • White or pastel kleenex (I use white, cheap is good), with the layers separated.
  • Elmer's glue
  • Something to mix the glue and water in
  • Brush (about 1/2 inch?)



  • Tear a piece of wax paper as wide as the kleenex.
  • Separate the Kleenex layers (you only want to use one of the layers at a time.)
  • In a small dish mix up equal parts Elmer's glue and water. (Start with a tablepoon or two of each, you can always mix more.)

Putting it Together

  • On the wax paper, lay out the flowers in your design.
  • Lay one layer of the kleenex on top, making sure all of your design fits under the kleenex
  • Take the brush, and using a dabbing motion, wet the entire kleenex with the glue-water mixture. Do not brush or press too hard or it will tear the kleenex. Be generous with the glue-water mixture because all parts need to get soaked for them to stick together. As you are doing this the kleenex with wrinkle up nicely.
  • Optional: If you would like glitter, sprinkle it on now.
  • Let dry overnight (or however long it takes until it is really dry.)


  • To use, trim the design into desired shape and size. I prefer the torn look but it could be cut.
  • Use spray adhesive (I use Photo adhesive) to attach it to the card.
  • Admire.

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