Flower Pounding Instructions

This technique allows you to transfer the dye from the plants (flower and/or leaves) to a piece of fabric to make interesting designs. The fabric gets a special chemical treatment first so the plant dyes are stable. The resulting design is not washable (it would fade) but it can be dry cleaned. These designs can be used on wall art, in scrapbooks and on cards.

When you read these instructions, do not get discouraged. It is a bit of a pain preparing the fabric, but remember you only have to do it once and you get lots and lots of little squares and can do lots of pounding with 1 yard of fabric. The pounding itself goes very fast ... instant gratification!

Materials Required

Fabric Preparation

These instructions are for 1 yard of fabric. If you do more you must increase the ingredients proportionaly.

Directions for Pounding

You may find some plants are too dry to pound well. You may find some plants are too juicy and the design smears. You may be surprised at the colors that appear on the fabric .... it doesn't always match the color of the flower. For example white rose petals pound light green. Red ones pound purple. That's part of the fun, experimenting!

Enhancement and Uses for the Completed Pounding

Enhancements and Variations

When dry .....

Uses for the Designs

When dry ..... She would even use the plants left on the masking tape. She would trim them and use them in cards either directly or under velum.


Disclaimer: Jeannie, who taught this process had much more beautiful results. She also had much more experience. In my defense, we are in the middle of a drought and my choice of materials was quite limited. Of course, I am too cheap to buy some flowers. Many of the leaves are too dry right now to pound. At Dorothy's we had used some small flowers of verbena which worked beautifully.

Mountain Pink
Navajo Tea
Turk's Cap Petals
Assorted Leaves
Purple Trumpet

Vinca (red originally) & Plumbego

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