Making Headpin Earrings Instructions

These instructions are not intended for a person making earrings for the first time. (Although if you can figure out from these instructions, more power to you!) They are rather a memory jog for those who have had a lesson or taken a class before.

Tools Required

  • Two pair small flatblade chain nose (or flat nose) pliers Make sure insides are smooth so they don't scratch the jewelry. I use two pairs to open and close jump rings and the top loop.
  • Small good quality diagonal cutter.
  • Small round nose pliers
  • Good light and if needed, magnifier


  • Headpins
  • Beads
  • Earwires

Design Considerations

  • The bottom bead cannot have a larger hole than the headpin or it will fall apart.
  • Most earrings look nice with a small round (2.5mm) silver or gold bead at the top.
  • Make sure the beads you are using are not too heavy.


Refer to the pictures along with the directions.
  1. Stack the beads on the headpin in a way that pleases you.
  2. With the chain nose pliers, grasp the headpin at the top of the beads. Next take the part with the beads and bend it down to make a right angle.
  3. With the round nose pliers, grasp the wire right next to the bend. The round nose pliers will be the form for your loop, so make sure they are about 1/3 of the way in from the point.
  4. Wrap the wire about 3/4 around one half of the round nose pliers. (NOTE: You hold the pliers steady, and wrap the wire around them. They are like a mold or form for the wire.
  5. Change the grab point for the round nose pliers.
  6. Complete wrapping the loop around one half of the round nose pliers.
  7. Using the diagonals, cut the loop just on the inside.
  8. Slip on the earwire, opening the loop slightly if needed.
  9. Snug up the loop.
  10. You are now done.

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